A notorious malware program has re-emerged, targeting Ukrainian government sympathizers with an anti-war focus.
The state Supreme Court in Florida is being asked to decide the constitutionality of the state's same-sex marriage ban.
‘Bees are some of the busiest, most industrious creatures on planet Earth. Basically, they mind their own business whilst performing pollination chores that ultimately provide humankind with every third bite of food. Yes, they’re absolutely […]
bbc.co.uk - South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner is facing calls to resign after the publication of a report into widespread child abuse in Rotherham. The study, published on Tuesday,...Visit website to read the full story.
As far sci-fi movies have been entertaining the public, but their ideas have always been a matter of adoption in real life. Just like in any other sci-fi movie, simply touching a laptop can be enough to extract the cryptographic keys used to secure data stored on it.A team of computer security experts at Tel Aviv University (Israel) has come up with a new potentially much simpler method
Retired Oklahoma City police officer and US Army veteran Paula Sophia conceded the race for District 88 in Oklahoma’s House of Representatives. An out transgendered woman Sophia trailed Jason Dunnington by 22 votes.
‘Close to 200 state and local police departments in the United States have been suspended for losing military-level equipment transferred to them by the Pentagon, a new investigation found. According to the media outlet Fusion, […]
Critics brand eBay-style system auctionyourgranny.com while company says it is changing behaviour in a 'too fluffy' marketVisit website to read the full story.
Paul Craig Roberts RINF Alternative News Every public institution in the United States and most private ones are corrupt. To tell this story would be a multi-book task. Lawrence Stratton and I have written one small volume of the story. Our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, now with two editions and multiple printings, documents the ...
Along with the release of Chrome 37 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google today also released a long-awaited 64-bit stable version of its Chrome browser for Windows systems. The company has been working on the 64-bit support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 since June.Back in June, Google first released Chrome 64-bit only in the browser’s Dev and Canary channels. Then in July, the beta channel
A report from the Massachusetts Division of Banks suggests many consumers are still wary about bitcoin.
Transgender soldiers may soon be allowed to serve openly in the US military, according to a report by top Pentagon officials.
itv.com - Home Secretary Theresa May said South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright, a former Labour councillor who headed up Rotherham's child services for five years, "should heed calls" to...Visit website to read the full story.
Today, Famous Egyptian Hacker with the handled Eg-R1z has hacked the popular hacking forum hackforums.net. This is not the first time hackforums has been hacked, before it was hacked by various hackers imLulzPirate, b0x, SYRIAN-HACKER and KTN. It is unclear, how hackers managed to get into server. On the deface page, The image is hosted […]The post Famous Hacking Forum Hackforums.net Hacked by Eg-R1z appeared first on The Hackers Post.
SatoshiTango talks about the opportunities and challenges of operating a bitcoin startup in Argentina.