In this week's roundup, litecoin's hash rate jumps past 1 TH/s and Lab Rat faces a lawsuit.
Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly slated to play National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden in an upcoming Oliver Stone-directed movie about last year’s unauthorized disclosure of secret NSA documents.Read Full Article at
‘Pope Francis warned during a visit to Albania today that religion can never be used to justify violence, making apparent reference to the bloodshed wreaked by the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. ‘Let […] - Children's services chiefs 'paid more than Cabinet minister' The Labour Party made mistakes on issues such as benefits, banking regulation and immigration when it was last in power, Ed...Visit website to read the full story.
If you want to understand the future of humanity – where we’re headed, who’ll be in charge, and exactly how worried you should be about that – you could do worse than begin with two unremarkable buildings, on opposite coasts of the US. The more famous one, half a mile from Google’s main campus in ...
Square CEO Jack Dorsey has suggested his company may soon integrate bitcoin into its Square Register POS platform.
‘With real newscasts mixed in with scenes from 12 Monkeys, V For Vendetta and Planet of The Apes, this latest report illustrates how virus pandemics like Ebola are created and controlled by governments.’ Read more: […] - A Muslim pensioner could be left blind after being battered as he drove to morning prayers in an unprovoked attack. The 64-year-old was in his car at around 3.10am when a man and a...Visit website to read the full story.
Belgium's Federal Public Service Finance has ruled bitcoin transactions are not subject to value-added taxes.
‘West Africa’s Ebola epidemic threatens the “collapse” of three entire states, a Liberian minister has warned. Speaking exclusively to The Independent on Sunday, information minister Lewis Brown said that the international media had failed to […]
Rachel Reeves MP outlines the future of the welfare state under a Labour government, including scrapping the 'bedroom tax' and reforming 'fit for work' tests.Visit website to read the full story.
Four month ago, a massive data breach on the eBay website affected 145 million registered users worldwide after its database was compromised. Meanwhile, another critical vulnerability on the eBay website was reported, allowing an attacker to hijack millions of user accounts in bulk.An Egyptian security researcher ‘Yasser H. Ali’ informed The Hacker News about this vulnerability 4 months ago,
Greenpeace has announced that it will start accepting bitcoin donations through payment processor BitPay.
German engineering giant Siemens AG said Monday it will buy US oil services company Dresser-Rand for $7.6 billion, a move that will give the German company a route into the booming American shale industry. The deal is expected to be finalized by summer 2015 and will launch the company’s oil and gas business in the ...
‘Defeated SNP leader Alex Salmond this morning accused Westminster of ‘tricking’ Scottish voters into rejecting separation – and suggested the country could declare independence without a referendum. He said the No campaign’s last minute promise […] - In a letter delivered to Mr Miliband on the eve of the Labour Party conference, which opens today, doctors leading the National Health Action Party (NHA) urged a temporary rise in...Visit website to read the full story.