Paul Craig Roberts RINF Alternative News On a number of occasions recently I have made the point that the psychopaths in control of Washington are driving the West to war with Russia. The lies that the Obama regime and Western presstitute media are hurling at President Putin are even more blatantly false that the lies ...
Turbo the Chihuahua might have been born without his front legs, but he hasn’t let it hold him back. Three weeks ago, Turbo was taken to The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis, Indiana by his owners because it was difficult for the 4-week-old pup to compete with his littermates for food. He was underweight at only ten ounces. […]
Five-couples have had their requests for marriage licenses denied in Greenville, South Carolina this Wednesday.
###John Brennan at the Council on Foreign Relations on March 11. 2014. Photo Credit: Council on Foreign Relations I don’t want to understate how seriously wrong it is that the CIA searched Senate computers. Our constitutional order is seriously out of whack when the executive branch acts with that kind of impunity — to its overseers, no less. But given everything else that’s been going on lately, the single biggest — and arguably Read moreThe post It’s About the Lying appeared first on The Intercept.
The Division of Child and Family Services in Nevada has revised its regulations for perspective foster parents, removing a requirement that stated foster parents are to be free of certain communicable diseases including HIV.
‘The United States has allowed Israel to use an American-owned munitions stockpile amid the ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip. A US military official said on Thursday that the stockpile, which consists of missiles, armored […]
The hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed responsibility of taking down the official website of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad against Gaza attacks. Mossad’s website was taken down in a DDoS attack early morning, claims one of the Anonymous hacker on Twitter. The attack seems to be massive as it has been over 10 hours that the [...]The post Anonymous hackers take down Mossad website against Gaza attacks appeared first on Hack Read.
A same-sex couple who braved an anti-LGBT rally to attempt to get a marriage license in North Carolina earlier this month legally wed in Washington D.C. this week.
Eric Zuesse Obama appoints the people who appoint the people who appoint the people who appoint the people who appoint the people who appoint the people who appoint the people who do this sort of thing rather randomly to the people, the residents, who live in southeastern Ukraine (and Obama’s team call them “terrorists” because it wants ...
A US District Court federal judge has dismissed the second challenge made on the state’s gay conversion therapy ban for the second time in the last nine months.
Progress Texas: Texas Republican Uses Slur in Committee Hearing. Todd Heywood @ PrideSource: Gary Glenn Causes More Controversy In 98th House Race Primary. Gideon Resnick @ The Daily Beast: ReaganBook Is the Latest Conservative #Fail. Jeremy Hooper @GoodAsYou: Ruth Institute (former NOM affiliate): Same-sex marriage is as much of a wedge as interracial marriage bans. Libby Watson @ Media Matters: The Right-Wing Pushes Back: No, We Really Do Want Impeachment.
‘A group of Conservative MPs this week embarked on a visit to a military facility in Israel amid the continuing violence that has claimed the lives of about 1,270 Palestinians and 56 Israelis. The MPs […]
The sister of a diabetic ex-soldier, who "died starving and penniless" after his benefits were stopped, has launched an e-petition demanding an inquiry into her brothers death.Visit our website to read the full story.
Bitcoin-to-gold website Coinabul is facing a serious federal class action that alleges it defrauded some of its clients.